Our Campervan!

This summer I decided it was time to stop thinking about getting a van and to actually get a van. This isn't quite the order that things happened but I sold two of my cars, used all my savings and took the biggest loan other than our mortgage that I've ever had and bought a VW camper van.

It's a modern T5 conversion by a company based in Tewksbury called "The Campervan Factory". Every aspect of the conversion and the service Craig offers is well thought out and brilliantly executed, (pics below).

If you're interested in Craig's business you can check them out at www.thecampervanfactory.co.uk

Naturally I opted to upgrade a few parts of the conversion. First off was the sport pack. Big gnarly wheels, sporty lights, body kit and an engine re-map from 80bhp up to 160bhp.

The other main change was the upstairs bed. We opted for a Rheimo bed to be fitted instead of the standard boards. This way there is permanently a double bed upstairs for Evie to sleep in and it goes up and down really easily too.

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